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Journey from Adversity to Thanksgiving

                                             Journey from Adversity to Thanksgiving                                                   Psalm 103, selected verses, NIV              A meditation delivered electronically by Rev. Dr. Randy K. Hammer, Nov 22, 2020 How can we possibly get ourselves in the spirit of thanksgiving this week with all we have endured these past months and in light of all that is still going on around us and the bad news that bombards us daily?   Such is a natural question that many Americans may be asking today.   Some of our United Church members have been personally affected by the coronavirus, either by testing positive, being ill, or in a few cases having lost a loved one to it. And to these members we extend our empathy and concern.   And as you well know, the number of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths continue to rise.   So we are still in the midst of a very difficult time. And then there have been the natural disasters that have destroyed l

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